Governance  Board of GCU Academy of Humanity

This Independent Board, except its founder, was appointed and started functioning in January 2022.
Duduzile Fortunate Bogatsu  (nee: Majasi)
BBS Honours; MBA (Wits Business School)
Dudu is the founder of the Global Christian Unity and its associated projects, one key one being the GCU Academy of Sciences under its Humanitarian wing named the GCU Academy of Humanity NPC.

She has over 30 years’ experience in business management and marketing strategy consulting, 15 years of which were in senior management, positions in the corporate sector in SA and internationally panning various industries. 

Dudu had founded the Afrocentric Club to develop African mindsets and economies through unity programs, when she received  God's call to "Unite Christians"; while she ran her strategy consulting business- Fortune-d Africa, for 13 years; and also opened two retail outlets in Rosebank and Killarney malls, showcasing her African inspired corporate wear brand, namely, KUPA. 

Dudu is also co-founder of a new black-owned telecommunications/technology company planning to operate in SA. 

She received the calling to "Unite Christians" in November 2009, after which she believes she has been in preparatory training as led by the Holy Spirit since then. Some of her ministerial achievements include publishing a book: Receive Salvation & Stay Saved in 2017;  networked with various ministers and fraternals, served at various churches, conducted a dipstick needs and perceptions survey among  church ministers in 2021; and is implementing a 10-point strategy to unite the Body of Christ. in response to her calling.  

The GCU Academy of Sciences is one key project aimed at achieving the goal of shifting African mindsets to become creative producers from an early age through an education system that orientates learners towards entrepreneurship with a Christian ethos.  
Jennine Lodewyks Osborne
( B. Eng Chemical Engineering & B. Tech Chemical Engineering); MBA (Stellenbosch Business School)
Jennine joined the GCUAH as an Independent Non-Executive Director. 

Her specialist areas  of training are in Project, Strategic and Operations Management .

Jennine’s work experience was largely in the mining industry, 22 years of which were in Diamond mining Coal, and Operational Oversight.  Her production processing experience includes production at De Beers Namaqualand Mines, Kleinze; Capital Projects in gold and heavy minerals at De Beers Marine, Cape Town, managing her process consulting company, Moya;   managing mining activities of Moya, design of Capital Projects in gold, heavy minerals, lead, silver, zinc, coal and iron)at PBA Projects;  and as an Offshore Manager.    

She also has R&D Project and departmental management skills.    
Jennine also brings with her strong board management skills including preparation of Board Packs, planning, co-ordinating and chairing Board Meetings. 

Her MBA thesis was on  Scope Management within Capital Projects at De Beers Marine and the B.Tech Engineering Research Report was on Membrane Technology.

Francois Du Toit  
B. Com ( Chartered Marketing & Business Management) 
Post Graduate Degrees: B.Com Honours (Management)
Advanced Project Management (Cum Laude),    
B. Com (Human Resources Management (Cum Laude) 
Dip (Global Human Resource Management) Dubai Business School 
Dip (Life Coaching), Alpha Academy, U K
Dip (Mentoring and Coaching), Alpha Academy, UK    

Francois has spent the last 12 years honing his HR skills both nationally and internationally. He brings construction industry experience from Group 5 and Aveng Grinaker-LTA and overseas mining experience from Lydian International Limited for whom he was based in Armenia. He spent the last 2 years consulting as a HR Business Partner for SANRAL and looks to add to the GCU Vision and bottom line through building relationships and strategic Human Resource Management.     

He serves on the GCUAH Board as Non-Executive Director, in the HR, REMCO and Nomination Committee

GE (Gregory) Prinsloo  
Bsc (Engineering); B.Com (Marketing); IoDSA

Gregory is a skilled, passionate and educated result’s producing Director and Management Consultant. He has a proven track record of accomplishment in growth and Expansion at scale, across multiple industries namely FMCG, HR, SAAS and GRC, both Locally and internationally (UK, USA, Europe and Africa).He has become well known in the industry as an expert relationship builder, Growth expert, Negotiator and Strategist at an Executive and Board level with over 15 years’ experience.    
GP (Gcobisa) Ntshobane ( M.Com Financial Management (UCT); B.Com Honours (UNISA), B.Com Economics (UWC)
Gcobisa has joined the GCU Academy of Humanity as an Independent Non-Executive Director.

Gcobisa has more than 13 years of experience in financial services including Banking and Asset/Investment management. 

She worked in one of the major four banks in South Africa. 

Upon joining the Asset Management Industry she took lead and serves as the chair of the Credit Committee and also carries out secretarial duties for the Committee. 

She is also a member of 100Women in Finance and serves on the Working Group Committee for the 100Women in Finance (South Africa).   


Lisa Bingham
Certificates in Business Management, Editing Maste5r Class 101,. Basic Photography, Activism & Citizen Journalisms, Editor Avid & Financial Cut Pro 7&10 

A specialist as Communications and Media Director, a Technical and Creative Director and Producer, Lisa Bingham  started  her Media career  working  for  the  Tambo  family  doing  Broadcast  and  Politics.  

She has joined the GCUA Board as an Independent Non-Executive Director.

She has  over  20  years  experience  in  the  Broadcast,  Media,  Marketing  and  the  Advertising Industries and  worked  on  Editorial  productions  for  eNCA,  CNBC,  SABC,  Chanel  Swiss. She has  Managed  Projects  for  NGO’s  and  Organizations  such  as:  SADC,  AfDB,  COMESA, BUSA,  EAC  and  the African  Union  which  have  given  her  a  solid  reputation  amongst  high ranking  Business  and  Government  Officials. 

From  2003  -  2011  Lisa worked  in  Rwanda  for  8  years  for  The  President  of  Rwanda  and  the Mayor  of  Kigali,  doing  Media  reputation  building  projects.  As  a  result  of  her  achievements in  Rwanda,  she was  asked  to  work  closely  with  the  Ambassador  of  Morocco,  for  the  King  of Morocco,  doing  Media  projects  on  the  History  and  Economic  Future  of  Morocco  and  its People.  

More  recently  she has  worked  with  several  Government  and  News  Broadcasters  on various  Projects  and  has  established  a  sound  reputation  amongst  leading  names  in  these sectors. 

 Lisa Bingham is currently the CEO of Executive Think Tank, a Communications and Media Consultancy.