Global Christian Unity (GCU) is a response to the specific calling of God upon an African woman in 2009 to "Unite Christians". Christians are individuals, churched and unchurched, be they Catholic, Protestant, Denominational, Ecclesiastical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Messianic Jew, or by whatever categorical name any Christian identifies him/herself. Everyone on this earth needs to know God’s plan in the Word regarding the importance of Unity under Jesus Christ.   

Global Christian Unity (GCU) is non-denominational and is not aligned to any single church but serves the entire body of Christ to unite Christians and to prepare for the Lord Jesus’ second coming. 

The organisation's purpose is to facilitate the practice of genuine Love for one another through edification, comfort, support and sharing the resources God has endowed us with, in a joint effort to grow and strengthen the Kingdom of God on earth.

Vision: The Vision of Global Christian Unity (GCU)  is to successfully partner with Christian individuals, ministers, ministries, fraternals and institutions to mobilise the unity of Christians by pooling resources together with the primary aim of improving the quality of lives of those it can impact, by uplifting disadvantaged communities, through education and development projects, products, missions, facilities, associations/alliances and programs based on Christian values and principles.

Global Christian Unity is an independent body registered in RSA as an institution that facilitates unity among believers in Jesus Christ (since 2012) by the power of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen the Church with the end-time Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Global Christian Unity (GCU) Development Trust ( #: IT 3586/2012). Beneficiaries are Christians.

GCU Academy of Humanity NPCReg: 2021/941131/08
The GCU Academy of Humanity focuses on improving the status of food security that affects the marginalized.

Tax Exemption i.t.o section 10(1)(cN) of the PBO requirements in section 30(3) of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962: #0411237258.

This is where anyone and everyone can be given the opportunity to learn to practice Unity of Humanity - Ubuntu, thereby making this world a better place.

We help you to tap into your inner greatness to fulfil your purposeful role, resulting in giving your life meaning as a relational being that positively impacts fellow Humans on earth.

This we do through facilitating the resources and partnerships for:
  • Food Security projects and programs
  • Facilitating Human development through Science Education and Industrial or Technical skills training.
  • Education and Training for Food Security value chain development of marginalised communities.
  • Supporting Industrial and Life Skills development of children, youth, women and the differently abled among disadvantaged communities.
  • Stimulating Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Family upliftment programs.
The GCU Academy of Sciences (GCUASc) NPC and NPOThe GCU Academy of Sciences (Reg #2021/996802/08) was registered on 15 Nov 2021 in South Africa for the purposes of providing affordable, quality STEAM Education, Technical Skills Training, and Life Skills Development. The GCUASc is mandated to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based Education and Training with a Christian ethos.

Global Christian Unity Purpose

The Purpose (special assignment) of GCU is to unite Christians by strengthening one another in faith through facilitating the development and implementation of unique and unconventional projects, products, missions, facilities, and programs, and facilitating the obtaining of the related resources for developing communities to fulfil God’s plan for mankind - making sure God’s Kingdom is expanded and souls become strong disciples of Jesus Christ (Jeshua Hamashiach).

The time has come when Christian Unity as it is in truth-- "the unity of the Spirit"-- will be known and manifested. For now is the time when "the mystery of God should be finished." Rev. 10:7.


                                                     We facilitate the preparation 
                                                              of Christians (the Body of Christ) 
                                                                                    to become the pure Church (Christians) that 
                                                                          Jesus Christ is expecting to find, at His
                                                                                                 second coming. It is so glorious and so joyful to be
                   in Christ!
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To successfully partner with Christian individuals, ministers, ministries, fraternals and institutions to mobilise unity, to pull together with the primary aim of improving the lives of all of society by uplifting disadvantaged communities, through education and development projects, products, missions, facilities, associations/alliances and programs based on Christian values and principles. 


1. We enlighten society about true Christianity - the life of God (Divinity) in Humanity through researched and revelatory wisdom. 
 2. Facilitated programs and projects of GCU are intended to deliver, save, educate, inform, empower, and enable the infilling of the Holy Spirit in humanity in order for them to experience and worship God in Spirit and in Truth. 
3. We uplift disadvantaged communities and groups, and alleviate social problems such as crime and violence, through economic development and employment creation projects, education, training, counselling, seminars, and promotion of media and materials that enhance understanding of the same. 
4. We serve the Body of Christ through professionally underwritten and managed financial services that empower followers of Jesus Christ, based on principles in the Word of God. 
5. We facilitate the raising and management of funding for humanitarian-based projects, businesses, products, missions, facilities, associations/alliances and programs, for developing society, based on Christian values and principles. 


The GCU operates based on key VALUES of the Promotion and practice of worship and prayer, bearing witness, teaching, training, counselling and missions which the Lord Jesus said (Isiah 61: i to v; Luke 4: 17-19) He had come to do, of which Christians can do more (greater works):
 i. preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, Spiritually, Physically and materially 
 ii. heal the broken hearted,
 iii. preach spiritual and physical deliverance to the captives, Spiritually and Physically 
iv. recover sight to the blind, Spiritually and Physically
v. set at liberty them that are bruised both Spiritually and Physically, Luke 4:17-18 vi. teach and educate children, youth and adults in finding their purpose in Christ