Church Workers Training

We provide church workers with professional skills training to serve in Christian churches.

Bridging the Divide

One of the causes of division among Christians is misperceptions and dogma between and among denonimations of different categories caused by either an individual or a group of individuals that took a stance and broke away to start their own, without God having instructed them to do so.  This cycle has continued to recur in most churches. However, God is not an author of confusion. He wants us to be ONE in God through salvation by Jesus Christ. The central focus has been missed, that Jehoshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ), His sacrificial death on the cross and His resurrection, are all we need to stay united. We share the same faith. By God's guidance, we bridge the divide by sharing truths, research findings, prophetic revelations, and correcting misperceptions and misinformation. The  picture to the right (leftwards) is a pic of Christian Orthodox Jews on a pilgrimage along the Via Dolorosa, along the stations of the cross, in Jerusalem. Ironically, they are often spat upon by Orthodox Jews that reject Jesus Christ. To the extreme right of the pics, are Christians in a pilgrimage on Good Friday, commemorating the death of Jeshua on the cross. Yet, strangely, many modern-day Baptists, Pentecostals and Charismatics do not venerate or even display the cross in their churches anymore, yet decree the Blood of Jesus when doing warfare prayers. What a confusion!  Could the Blood of Jesus have come about without Jesus being nailed to the Cross? The two go together!


We share the truths about the TRUE Israel of God for the salvation of mankind. "....I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan."(Rev 2:9)